What Are PLR Articles & How To Utilize Them To Make Money?

Are you confused about PLR articles and how you can use them to make easy money online?

PLR articles are being used by the majority of the online marketers and website owners to fulfill their content needs and also to earn a good income.

In this article, I will explain what PLR (Private Label Rights) articles are and how you can use them to make money through 10 different ways.

What are PLR Articles?

PLR articles are articles having PLR (Private Label Rights) license rights, which give you the right to edit the articles as per your requirements and use it personally or for resale.

Basically, PLR articles are an easy way to produce content for your blog or eBook in a quick time and at a low cost. Low price is one of the major advantages of PLR articles.

As a blogger or content marketer, you would already know that maintain a steady flow of content is not an easy thing to do, considering the selection of topics, targeting the keywords, and doing a lot of research work before writing a quality article. Most of the PLR articles are written by professional authors and niche experts who have decent quality standards.

Now suppose you have a set of quality PLR articles purchased from one of the best PLR websites? Can you just start using them on your website?

Though PLR articles are really worth your money and offer good quality, the key issue is that these articles are being purchased by multiple buyers and being used on their blogs. This might raise the content duplication issue with Google.

How to Make Money with PLR articles?

Here are some of the best ways to make money with PLR articles:

Videos for Affiliate Marketing:

As video consumption is increasing day by day, PLR articles can be used to make videos around the affiliate products that you want to sell to your audience.

Membership Website:

Another way you can use PLR articles is by listing them in your membership site, and you can charge x amount to give membership to your audience.

Use them as Lead Magnet:

One of the best ways to use PLR articles is as a lead magnet. You can offer PLR articles in exchange for collecting the email data of your visitors. You can then promote your other main or affiliate products to your email subscribers.

Add in Your Blog:

These PLR articles can be added in your blog with a few editing in the content to suit your niche and audience. This will help increase your website’s traffic, which can help you get more sales.

Sell in the form of eBooks:

You can combine PLR articles on similar topics in the form of eBooks and can use them on your websites or sell them to earn money. As most of the PLR articles are written by professionals and subject matter experts, you no need to worry about the quality of the content. You can also sell these eBooks on various eBook selling platforms such as Amazon and Lulu.com.


Once you have built a list of subscribers through lead magnets, you can also use the PLR articles in your weekly newsletters. As connecting with your audience is an excellent way to keep them engaged and convert them into your paid customers; hence newsletters are a good medium to hook your audience around your brand.

Build Social Networks:

Social networks are a must in today’s competitive environment. It is a free way to build the trust and credibility of your brand or business among your targeted audience. You can use PLR articles to post content in different formats under your brand name to regularly engage with your audience and build trust.

Use as Guest Posts:

Guest posting is one of the best ways to build quality backlinks for your website. These quality backlinks will not only help increase your domain’s authority in the eyes of search engines but also help you increase your website’s traffic. You can even charge some amount for providing a high-quality article to other publishers.

Use as Print Book:

Build your personal brand by using a series of related content that you downloaded from a PLR membership website and transform it into a printable book and publish it under your name.

Sell as Course:

Combine the articles under relevant categories and design a course around your niche. You can then sell these courses on your website to make extra money and, in the process, build a reputation as the expert in the area.

These were some of the best ways to make quick money from the internet using PLR articles.


Hope now you are well aware of the various ways of making money using PLR articles.

As content is required at every step of your online business, investing in some PLR articles is a win-win deal considering the ROI you can get from the articles.

I would recommend you start slowly with the use of PLR articles for your business, and once you get familiar with the process and the results, you can go deep into it.

If you have confusion in any money-making method listed above, you can ask your query below.

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