5 Best Website For PLR Videos 2022

If you have been searching for websites that offer PLR videos, you probably have found that there are not many of them out there that provide high-quality videos. Many of the websites out there provide low-quality PLR videos that are less helpful.

Mainly, when looking for PLR websites to access and download PLR Videos, you should prioritize visits that provide high-quality videos since you have a higher chance of getting useful content from them within a short time.

Also, you will need to spend a shorter time editing and repurposing the videos.

Now, in the post, we will review 5 of the best websites for PLR videos and recommend the best overall from the list.

The best websites for PLR videos usually have the best quality videos, their database is updated often to ensure the content is always fresh, and the prices are reasonably affordable.

Accessing these PLR videos Websites and navigating through their pages is straightforward and you are guaranteed access to top-quality PLR videos.

Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Sites To Find PLR Course

Many websites provide PLR videos, but very few provide quality videos that are convenient for users.

However, that should not discourage you from searching for the best websites to access the best PLR videos. Since not all PLR websites are worth visiting when searching for quality videos.

We have compiled a list of the best PLR websites that provide valuable videos to buyers.

You can download and use the videos for online marketing, course creation, or personal use. The videos are easy to edit hence you save time you would have used to create videos from scratch.

1. ToolsForMotivation

This site is an excellent platform for sourcing high-quality videos. The content is created by a team of professional researchers, editors, and designers hence the quality is guaranteed.

ToolsformotivationThe videos are specific and are helpful for coaches, authors, and speakers looking to sell help content.

Currently, you can access over 1,000 PLR videos on this platform, and the videos contain self-help content that you can use for various purposes such as the creation of training modules, creating informational content, or publishing them on your website after rebranding them.

The self-help videos on this platform come with Private Label Rights (PLR) that allows you to use the videos with the least restrictions.

You can modify the videos to fit your needs, rebrand and sell the videos and keep 100% of the profit. Alternatively, you can use the videos for personal use such as gathering ideas on a wide range of self-help topics.

To know more about what is contained in each video volume, you need to click on the link and read the detailed description. Once you identify the videos you need, you can sign up, pay to download them and use them to improve your business.

Although there are no free PLR videos on this platform, you can keep checking for regular special offers.

Currently, there are no special offers and you need to pay between $23 to $197 for the videos. Notably, you can sign up to qualify for regular free PLR downloads.

You can visit the website for fresh and quality self-help PLR videos since new video content is added regularly. Lastly, the site is easy to navigate and you can easily filter your searches by specifying the categories and tags.


2. BigProductStore

This website is another great platform for PLR videos. The videos and other PLR products on this site are updated daily, hence you are guaranteed of getting fresh content always.


Currently, the platform offers over 2,000 PLR videos and they are in different niches.

If you are looking for PLR videos in different niches, this platform can be one of your PLR website options since it has videos in almost all niches you can think of and you will be spoiled for choice.

All of their PLR videos come with different Private Label Rights License, Master Resell Rights, and personal usage rights.

Importantly, getting videos with a Private Label Rights license is the best since you can use the videos and do whatever you want to do with them. You can use them for your website, or you can even use them for your business website.

The other licenses have more restrictions and you should check the implications before selecting the specific PLR videos. You can visit the FAQs section for the terms of the different licenses. Ensure you use the product within the limitations of the license.

Notably, most of the videos are available for download once you sign up and pay the subscription fee. By paying a membership fee depending on the membership plan you choose, you will be able to access thousands of PLR videos.

However, if you are looking for free videos, you can check under the free products category and search through the few offered products.

Lastly, since videos are one of the best ways to get your message across and BigProductStore is one of the PLR platforms offering fresh content, you can visit the site.


3. PLR Database

PLRDatabase platform is one of the largest and go-to PLR websites for quality PLR videos too.

It’s a convenient platform for people looking for video content for their websites or businesses. Instead of creating content from scratch, you can use the already done for your videos from this site.


The PLR site has over 3000 plr videos and the content is in a variety of niches. You can visit the site and choose the videos relevant to your niche and use them after editing them.

All of the various videos available on the platform come with different PLR licenses. It’s upon you to make your choice since you have the liberty of choosing a video with whichever PLR license you want.

Since different licenses have different terms, you need to understand their meanings. If you are looking for videos you can freely edit,  rebrand, and distribute without any restrictions, then you can choose videos with a Private Label Rights license.

Importantly, the platform is well designed and the users can find the crucial information they need at a glance. For instance, the type of license is indicated and the date the videos were uploaded is indicated too.

Once you identify a video you are interested in, you can download and remodel the video content for your purposes. Still, you may want to share the video with others for free as a giveaway for an email list building.

Also, the platform provides various categories of videos and other PLR products. While you can access the free videos without paying a cent, you need to pay for exclusive and premium PLR videos.

You can visit the platform and check whether you can find quality and relevant videos that you can use.


4. Plrproducts

This platform is another helpful website providing quality videos too. You can use the PLR videos from this platform on your website or for your business to attract more customers and gain more traffic.

The videos are for a variety of niches including business, technology, health, and many others.


The site has over 1,400 PLR videos and the videos have sales pages and download pages making them easy to use. You can resell or distribute them fast without spending more time creating selling pages.

You can use video to help your clients understand why they choose your product or service.

Another way you can use video is by uploading it on your social media sites. With the ability to share videos, you can engage more people. You can also use one of the videos to post on your blog.

The prices for PLR videos vary. The price range for video is $5.99 to $9.99. Although they don’t offer free PLR videos, the videos are reasonably priced and are affordable for anyone looking for quality videos for personal use or for reselling.

Importantly, each PLR video has a specific license with some having a Private Label Rights license while others have a Master Resale Rights license or Resell Rights license.

Each license’s terms are clearly outlined once you click on the video making it easy for you to learn the dos and don’ts of the video.

You can edit and use videos with Private Label Rights in whatever way you see fit. You can use the videos as personal learning materials, you can resell the videos for a private or incorporate them when selling your other products.

Therefore, if you are looking for easy-to-use PLR videos then you can visit this site.


5. PLR.me

Among all the PLR websites reviewed in this post, plr.ME platform is not the best website to get PLR videos, but you can visit it if you are looking for other types of PLR products too.


You will come across a few brandable PLR videos plus other PLR products.

Notably, the few PLR videos you access here are of the best quality. Most people trust this site because of the quality products it offers.

You can get the highest quality product at a decent price than you would incur if you were to outsource the work to a freelancer. Also, you save a lot of time you would have spent creating the videos from scratch.

The brandable handout PLR videos on this website are in the health and life coaches niche.

However, there are a variety of PLR products in various niches which you can find helpful. You will find PLR products in the health, marketing, business, relations, and self-improvement among other niches

The products are easy to download and you can easily use them on your site after rebranding them.

The best part is that most of the products have a Private Label Rights license. The license is the least restrictive and you are free to use the products as you wish. You can even convert the products into videos and resell them as your own.

Importantly, even if you close your account after downloading the PLR, the rights of license still hold hence you can continue using the products.

Therefore, even if PLR.me is not the best platform for PLR videos, there are a variety of PLR products that you can find helpful. It’s the best platform because it always offers top-quality PLR products.



Based on the above reviews, if you’re looking for quality PLR videos for personal use, reselling, or for your website, you should visit PLR.me. This PLR site is a perfect place to get paid for PLR videos and all other types of PLR products.

Importantly, although they offer few PLR videos, you can find other useful and high-quality PLR products in a variety of niches. You can use the high-quality products from this platform to create top-quality videos.

All the PLR products are created by a qualified team of content creators and are quality-checked. Also, the PLR videos and PLR products are reasonably priced and can make great additions to the other products you are offering.

Lastly, you can use the special instant 10 credits to download one or two videos or take advantage of the regular special offers.

Therefore, check out the site, and we’re sure you’ll find something suitable for your needs.

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