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Do you have a plan to set up your business online?

In this rising competition in the online space, setting up and growing your online business is not less than a nightmare.

From the regular inflow of articles, you also need email newsletters, giveaways, sales pages, landing pages, presentations, eBooks, and whatnot. is a platform that can provide you with everything you need to not only start your online business but to grow it fast as well.

In this article, I have discussed how can make your journey smoother.

What is came into the market in 2008 and is considered as one of the best PLR sites due to the presence of high-quality PLR products in its kitty.

Its strong presence in the market can be interpreted with the fact that it has already been featured by big brands such as “Toronto Sun,” and “Entrepreneur”.

Available Product Categories has more than 14301 PLR products under different categories. Some of the key categories are listed below:

  • Courses
  • eBooks
  • Articles
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Coaching programs

The majority of the products are under health and wealth niches.


The gives you a license to do the following things with your PLR product:

  • Can sell
  • Can be used as giveaways
  • Can claim full authorship with no attribution required
  • Can be packaged with other products
  • Can be used as web content
  • Can be used in audio and video
  • Can be edited completely and renamed
  • Can include your logo, branding, colors, etc.
  • Can be used in workshops and webinars
  • Can keep 100% of profits
  • Can be added to your membership site

Here are a few things which you can’t do with the license:

  • Cannot sell resell rights, master resale rights, or private label rights
  • Cannot transfer private label rights to others
  • Cannot be sold as a Kindle book on Amazon
  • Cannot be offered through auction sites
  • Cannot sell and give away your license to the content

Also, the rights given to you are non-transferable and non-sublicensable.

What’s Inside has everything which you can think of as a PLR product.

Here are details of some of the most used products:

Action Guides, Coaching Handouts & Lead Magnets has 917 action guides, coaching handouts, and lead magnets available on the platform in various categories including making money online, dating, and relationships.

You can use these products as free giveaways for your audience to provide quick coaching to them.

The content in each product is available in 5 different formats which include PNG, PDF, JPG, DOC, DOCX, which gives you the freedom to customize or rebrand it as per your choice.

Affirmation Reflections

Affirmation reflections are actually single-page coaching resources.

Each document has informative paragraphs followed by some self-questions at the end.

Affirmation reflections are available in TXT, DOC, and PDF formats which you can easily customize as you want.

Articles & Blog Posts

The platform has near about 5000 articles and blog posts that cover almost every niche.

These articles are available in TXT, DOCX, and PDF files, and on average, each article is about 700 words in length.

You will find the quality of these articles much better as compared to other PLR websites, as they are well-written with no grammatical or spelling errors.

Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops provides you around 110 bundles of courses, coaching programs, and workshops in various topics including weight loss, relationship, wealth, and self-improvement.

Each course consists of multiple modules which include lessons, checklists, affirmations, custom quizzes, etc. which of course you can customize as per your requirement.

You can easily rebrand them and resell them at your own price. All the courses are available in various formats such as TXT, DOCX, JPG, PNG, PSD, and PDF.


Currently, there are 168 checklists available at on different niches.

You can use these checklists as free giveaways to your audience to build credibility and trust with them.

Each PLR checklist contains one to three pages and is well structured and written to provide real value to your audience.

Fables & Short Stories

You also get 91 fables and short stories on different topics once you become a member of

If you have a young audience or users who are interested in consuming fictional content, these can really benefit you a lot. Each story is covered in 4-5 pages and is well structured and designed to enhance engagement and readability.

Reports & eBooks

EBooks and reports are one of the most important categories of PLR products and are used by most of the PLR lovers.

Each eBook on the platform has between 20 and 60 pages on an average. You are surely going to love the quality and content structure of the eBooks provided by, which can bring immense value to your readers.

You can also get a preview of each eBook and the table of contents before downloading it so that you are certain of what you are looking at.

Slide Deck Presentations

Not just that, with this membership you also get plenty of PLR presentations across several niches which are handy in delivering some quick information regarding a topic to your audience.

Each presentation is informative and descriptive with over 200 pages of highly designed content.

Apart from PPT formats, the files are also available in PNG, JPG, and PDF formats.

Other PLR Categories

Apart from these core categories you also get products in some of the other PLR categories such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Sequences
  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Wallpapers
  • Video Coaching Programs
  • Journals
  • Audios
  • Contracts
  • Quizzes and Assessments
  • Fact Sheets
  • Worksheets
  • Challenges

What else is inside

Apart from these PLR products, the membership also provides:

Content Marketing & Social Media Calendar also offers special PLR products which are made for special days or occasions which help you stay relevant with your content.

It also guides you on how to use the marketing and social media calendar effectively to plan your content.

Learning resources

The platform provides a lot of learning resources if you are new to the PLR world and want to learn more about PLR products and how to earn money from them.

It has plenty of videos and tutorials on creating infographics, building courses, content marketing plans, creating courses on, and a lot more.

Tools members get an exclusive access to more than 13 web-based tools and plugins to help you in your online marketing journey.

Here are the 13 tools which you can use as a member:

  • PDF brander (for adding CTA/links in bulk in PDF)
  • Image brander (for adding logo/watermark in bulk on images)
  • Content autoloader (for scheduling content in bulk on WordPress)
  • Auto slide deck (for creating presentation templates)
  • Content Sammurizer (for extracting key points from content for tweets)
  • Coaching Email Templates (pre-made email templates health and wellness coaches)
  • Image Animator (for creating beautiful graphics for your website)
  • Virtual Fax Machine (for faxing documents securely)
  • Video Sales Letter Generator (for transforming text into video sales letters quickly)
  • Perfect Email Formatter (for drafting mobile-optimized emails)
  • Dupe Examiner (for checking your content’s uniqueness)
  • Product Showcase (for creating grid-style images to showcase your products)
  • WP Swipe & Deploy (for creating powerful sales pages)


Pricing plans of come in five variants:

  • Pay-as-you-go Plan – $22
  • 100 Monthly Plan – $99 per month
  • 400 Annual Plan – $379 per month
  • 800 Annual Plan – $579 per month
  • 2500 Annual Plan – $990 per month


  • Access to more than 14,301 PLR coaching resources
  • Smooth user experience and navigation with advanced search options
  • 13 marketing tools with premium membership
  • No need to buy a membership for just one or two products
  • Good customer support


  • Deals in credit system instead of direct cash payment

Is Worth It?

According to me, PLR products can really help you in growing your online business if you use them effectively.

Now, whether it is for you or not, it depends on how desperate you are in setting up and growing your online business by investing some amount of money in getting these quality PLR products.

While using this, it is important to choose your niche and products wisely which can actually provide some value to your audience.


To sum it up, I believe that is a platform that focuses on quality more than quantity.

So if you are looking for some quality PLR products to use in your website or online marketing business, is the platform you should give a try.

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