PLR Assassin Review | Details, Pricing, & Features

Are you trying to start in the marketing world?

To stay alive in this competitive industry and scale your business is really difficult until you already have deep pockets to invest.

Your online marketing business can see good growth if you can make good use of PLR (Private Label Rights) products.

Here in this article, I have discussed one such PLR website known as PLRAssassin and how it can help scale your business to new levels.

What is PlrAssassin?

PLRAssassin is a commonly used and is one of the best PLR membership websites which was founded in 2010.

It works on a membership system where you get access to its thousands of products including 3590 unique videos and 4903 professional eBooks, by becoming a paid member.

These products are submitted by professionals and maintain a quality standard.

You can give your lead generation campaigns a boost using PLR products, make mini-courses with the PLR content or rebrand products in hot categories among the audience, and resell them under your brand to make huge profits.

Available product categories

PLRAssassin gives you instant access to more than 12,057 PLR products which you can rebrand and resell to your audience if you choose to become a VIP member.

These products are available in various forms, such as:

  • eBooks
  • Software
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Articles


PLRAssassin offers PLR products under the following licenses mentioned below:

  • Private Label Rights
  • Resell Rights
  • Master Resell Rights
  • Personal Rights

Make sure to check the license rights you are getting with each product you download to not violate any legal rights of the products.

What’s Inside PlrAssassin?

PLR Assassin offers PLR products of different forms which you get unrestricted access to the moment you become a member.


PLRAssassin offers thousands of quality eBooks across various niches which you can edit, rebrand, resell or use as giveaways to build an audience for your website.

Each eBook contains around 30 pages and is available in various formats, including PDF and DOC which allows you to easily change or edit the content of the eBook as per your needs.


Under this category, you will find a lot of WordPress plugins, beautiful themes, useful marketing tools, landing pages, sales pages, and informational guides.

You can use these software products for your personal use, as giveaways, or can also resell them to earn money.


The platform gives you access to a variety of PLR music products such as PLT soundtracks, simple music, motivational speeches, hypnosis sounds, audio guides, among others.

You can use these products for your podcast, video making, and reselling.


Videos are one of the most consumed content at present all across the world.

Keeping that in mind, PLRAssassin offers you videos in the form of tutorials, courses, guides which you can use to promote your online business in many ways.

You can use these videos as training material or for creating courses or transform them in text form and use on your website.


Graphics can enhance your engagement on your website and increase conversions on your sales pages.

The platform provides you with powerful PLR graphics such as banners, headers, product eCovers, certificate designs, marketing, and promotional graphics, etc. which can push your marketing efforts significantly.

All the graphics are available in PSD formats which allow you to make edits and changes as per your need.


Content is the primary source for setting and growing a website.

It offers thousands of articles that you can use on your blog, email marketing, social channels, membership sites, and wherever required.

The articles are of decent quality and well-researched, but I would suggest making relevant changes and adding some graphics before publishing them on your website.

PlrAssassin Pricing

Here are different pricing plans available to become a premium member of PlrAssassin:

  • VIP Monthly: $19 for each month
  • VIP Quarterly: $55 for each 3 months
  • VIP Yearly: $117 for each year
  • VIP One Time Fee: $129 for a lifetime

It also offers a free membership plan under which you can download over 100 basic eBooks and articles for free. Free products are only come with giveaway rights and not for rebranding or reselling.


  • Covers PLR products across all the major categories and niches
  • 100+ PLR products (eBooks and articles) available for free under a free membership plan
  • New products are added almost on a daily basis
  • Cheap pricing as compared to other major PLR websites
  • Good customer support available 24/7


  • Lack of live preview option to view the products before downloading

Is PlrAssassin Worth It?

A digital marketer always looks to provide maximum value to its audience or users at minimum cost. So, if you are one of them, PlrAssassin is definitely worth it for you.

If you compare it with other PLR websites, you will find it cheap and affordable with decent quality products.

PLR products can speed up your online business, and what you would achieve in a year, you might achieve in six months by using PLR products in your business.

I would suggest you to go with its lifetime membership if you are looking to use it for more than a year, as with lifetime membership, you will save maximum and get the best deal.

If you are just setting your foot in this industry, you can go with the monthly plan to get an idea about the products and the value they bring in for you before purchasing the lifetime membership.


With PlrAssassin, you get endless possibilities to grow your online business by using different PLR products, be it selling them as courses, rebranding them, using them as newsletters, or building your own membership site.

These possibilities can open the doors to more opportunities and channels of earning money and get success.

If you have any doubts regarding the platform or any PLR product, just drop a comment below, and I will love to clear all your queries to the best of my possibilities.

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