How To Make Money With Plr Products (10 Easy Ways)

If you’re interested in making money online, selling PLR products is one of the best ways to do it. You may be wondering what PLR products are and how they can help you make money

PLR products are digital products that you can purchase and then sell to others, keeping 100% of the profits. This can be an interesting and easy way to make money online.

In this article, you will learn what PLR products are, where to find them and how you can use them to make money.

Let’s dive into the content!

What is PLR Product?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

It means you can purchase a product and then brand it as your own and sell it to others. You can also change or modify the product if you want to.

You can sell PLR products online in many ways. You can sell them as eBooks, videos, software, etc. You can even create a membership site and sell access to your PLR products.

In affiliate programs, you receive only a fixed percentage of commission, but with resell rights products, you get 100% profit. You don’t have to share anything with the product owner.

However, you have to pay a one-time fee to purchase the product. Depending on the quality of the product, the price can be anything from $5 to $500.

Where to Find PLR Products?

There are several PLR websites where you can acquire products for reselling.

Some of the most popular PLR membership sites are, IDPLR, ResellRightsWeekly, MasterResellerRight, PLRAssassin, etc.

Common product categories available for reselling are eBooks, courses, videos, graphics, templates, articles, music, and software.

1. is one of the leading licensed content providers which allow you to resell a variety of products such as courses, articles, presentations, eBooks related to health and wellness.

It has 14,386+ white label coaching resources which gives you multiple options to choose from as per your need.

Additionally, it offers monthly or annual membership. Since it works on a credit system, you need to buy credits before subscribing to membership or purchasing the products.

It’s a great solution if you want to start an info-business online. exclusively focuses on health and contents related to personal development. Their writers are native English speakers from the US and Canada. Apart from content, it also has training videos, use cases, and marketing resources.




It is a PLR website that offers several premium quality products to help you grow your business online. Some of the popular products include articles, eBooks, video training tutorials, and software.

You can rebrand these products to make them unique without any problems from the original creators of the product.

IDPLR has two membership options, i.e. silver, and gold. Silver membership is free, whereas gold membership, which comes with extra flexibility, is paid. Silver membership comes with limited access to products.

Upgrading to paid, you get 20 times more products.

IDPLR is the ideal choice for those who are interested in using PLR products for info-business.


3. Resell Rights Weekly


Resell Rights Weekly is a PLR website that mostly offers you free download of digital products for reselling. You need to sign up for a free membership form to access their products.

You can resell these products as many times as you want and keep 100% profit with you.

Resell Rights Weekly includes:

  • Over 728+ top selling PLR Products
  • Access to over 10,740+ Private Label Rights articles
  • Access to 330+ free tools for online info-business
  • Special reports, info products, ebooks, audios, videos, program scripts, software, templates, WordPress plug-ins, themes, graphics, PLR articles, and more.
  • Download brand new products every single week.


10 Ways to Make Money with PLR Products

Here are 10 different ways through which you can use resell rights products to earn money online.

1. List Building

Building an email list is one of the most effective ways to make money with PLR products. You can do this by offering a free report or ebook in exchange for an email address. Once you have a list of subscribers, you can promote your products and services directly to them and make sales.

2. Create email sequences

Email sequences are a great way to keep in touch with your subscribers and keep them engaged. By using PLR products, you can create a series of emails that provide value and teach your subscribers something new.

For example, you could create a 7-day email course on a particular topic. Each day, your subscribers would receive an email with content from the PLR product.

This would be a great way to showcase the value of the product and get people interested in purchasing it.

3. Sell PLR on marketplaces

There are many marketplaces where you can sell PLR products.

Some of the most popular online marketplaces for PLR products include Fiverr, Warrior Forum, and PLR Warehouse. If you’re looking to reach a larger audience and make some extra cash, selling PLR products is a great option.

4. Create a membership website

Another great option for making money with PLR products is to create a membership website.

You can offer the products as part of a membership package and make money from the membership fees. You can also offer discounts and bonuses to encourage people to join the membership.

5. Create a product store

If you’re looking for a way to reach a larger audience and make some extra money, then you should consider creating a product store that sells PLR products. This is a great way to tap into a niche market and provide value to your customers.

To create a product store, you’ll need to set up an online store using a WordPress plugin like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. Then, you can populate your store with PLR content that is relevant to your niche. This is a great way to build an audience and generate sales.

6. Give bonuses to your customers

You can use PLR content to create bonuses for your customers in a few different ways. For example, you could give them a bonus when they purchase a product from you, or when they sign up for your email list.

Giving bonuses is a great way to show your appreciation for your customers, and it can also help you boost sales and grow your business.

7. Turn PLR articles into an online course

If you’re looking to create an online course, one great way to get started is to turn PLR articles into course. This can be a quick and easy way to get your course up and running, and it can be a great way to repurpose existing content.

To turn PLR articles into an online course, start by identifying a topic or niche that you want to focus on. Then, find a PLR article that covers that topic in depth. Next, break the article down into smaller lessons or modules. Finally, create an outline for your course and start adding your lessons.

8. Use content to create audio

Another great way to make money with PLR products is to use the content to create audio products. You can record the PLR articles and sell them as audio products. You can also transcribe the articles and sell them as ebooks.

9. Make a course and resell it

If you have a lot of PLR products, you can make a course and resell it. You can create a course on a platform like Udemy or you can create your own course on your website. You can charge for the course or you can offer it for free to promote your other products.

10. Translate PLR ebooks into different languages to create new products

If you have PLR ebooks, you can create new products by translating them into different languages. You can use a translation service like Google Translate or hire a translator to do the work for you.

Once the ebooks are translated, you can sell them on your website or marketplaces. This is an excellent way to reach a larger audience and make more sales.


There are many ways to profit with Private Label Rights (PLR) products and in this article, we will include all of the possible ways that it works.

We hope that this post will help you to understand how you can start making money online with PLR products. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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