8 Best Sites To Download Free PLR Products 2023

Are you looking for the best PLR websites where you can access and download free PLR products? If you are an internet marketer, a coach, or a business owner, you must have had this concern.

You know that you can use PLR products already written that you only need to customize them to make them more useful.

But, where can you find high-quality PLR products? In this post, we will discuss 8 of the top PLR websites.

The websites are easy to use, and you can find and download relatively top-quality free PLR products. The PLR products are of decent quality despite being offered for free.

Let’s dive in!

Where to Download Free PLR Products?

There are numerous platforms where you can find free PLR products. Some websites provide free products and do not require you to sign up, while others will require you to sign up first.

While you can still visit several websites and find yourself the best from the list, we recommend PLR.me is the best of them all.

However, you can still visit other websites reviewed here. While paying attention to your specific business needs and evaluating the particular site’s free PLR products, you can identify which site is best for you.

1. PLR.me

PLR.me is an excellent resource for anyone looking for top-quality PLR products. The site offers various brandable products that you can download, ranging from articles and ebooks to videos, audiobooks, and manuals.


Notably, the website’s database is updated regularly with new products; hence there’s always something new you can download.

Importantly, the PLR products are all high quality, so you won’t need to worry about getting low-quality products. This ensures that you have a great product you can remodel and resell to your audience.

PLR.me is an established PLR product platform with thousands of products for you to choose from. Currently, it has 16,208 PLR products.

Although PLR.me doesn’t offer any product right now, we recommend you use this special link to get instant 10 Free Credit. Importantly, you get 2 free credits every month, which you can use to download different products.


2. PLRDatabase

This platform is a go-to website if you’re looking for free PLR products. It’s another excellent PLR platform you can visit and save money by getting PLR products from the platform. You can use the PLR products from this website to promote your own business.


When you visit the website, you find different types of content for you to use, such as articles, reports, eBooks, videos, blog posts, and many other great products.

The PLR products offered come with different licenses, including Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights License.

The platform currently offers 1,573 free and high-quality products that you can download and begin using them immediately.

Since the products are in different niches, the site can be an excellent choice for people looking to find amazing ideas and content materials in various niches.

Importantly to get the free products from their database, you need to register for a free membership account. However, the free membership account is only suitable if you are looking for a few products.

However, to get the unlimited product from this site, you can upgrade the subscription by paying  $49. With the paid membership account, you can access an unlimited number of products.



This PLR website can be one of your top choice platforms for your PLR product needs.

All IDPLR products come with specific licenses such as Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights licenses.


The Private Label Rights license is the least restrictive and will enable you to transform the products into your creation and sell them.

The site currently offers over 600 products for free download and use. The products available are of different types, including:

  • Templates
  • Graphics
  • Software
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Ebooks

Importantly, each product on this platform has a clear and detailed description. You can read the description to establish the relevance of the content before downloading it.

To download the free PLR products from this platform, you should open a free membership account. This should be sufficient if you are starting or looking for only a few products.

Notably, to access all the products on this platform and for a lifetime, you need to pay $79 for a paid membership account. After subscribing to this paid membership plan, you can access as many PLR products as you wish and at any time.


4. BigProductStore

Using PLR products from this platform means you don’t have to spend time and money developing the content from scratch. BigProductStore is another excellent PLR platform where you can visit and access free and high-quality PLR products.


The platform offers over 40 free PLR products that you can use for your business website marketing and educational purposes.

The products come with specific licenses such as Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights licenses. Downloading PLR products with any of the above licenses means you can only use the product within the license terms.

Importantly, to access and enjoy free access to all free products that you can resell, you need to sign up for a free account. Notably, if you like their PLR products after accessing the free ones and are interested in more, you need to pay a one-time subscription fee of $98.50.


5. Resell Rights Weekly

If you’re looking for PLR products, you can access free PLR products on the Resell Rights Weekly platform since it’s one of the leading free PLR websites. You can download and use the products without changing them, or you can edit and rebrand them depending on the type of license.


The PLR products on this platform come with different types of licenses, including Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights License.

The license you choose defines what you can do with your purchased products. For example, when you get products with a Private Label Rights license, you get the right to edit them, print them, resell them or use them in any way you see fit.

To access PLR products on the Resell Rights Weekly platform, you must register, and registration is free. Once you register, they will send you an email with the link to download them.

Importantly, you can get unlimited access to unlimited Resell Rights Weekly products for a whole week by signing up for their $1 membership trial.

You can try and download any of the products for up to a week. You will be able to access over 700 products and over 10,000 articles that you will likely find interesting, educational, and helpful to use on your website.

On the downside, the Resell Rights Weekly site is poorly designed and difficult to navigate. Resell Rights Weekly has poor navigation. Also, the site does not offer much information about its products.

However, since it offers PLR products free, you can still visit and try it out.


6. PlrFreeOnline

If you want to build or expand your online business or carry out successful marketing campaigns, this free PLR website is one of the best. You will find various types of free PLR products that you can use instead of creating the content yourself.


The platform produces PLR products in all kinds of niches. The products come with Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights licenses.

The different licenses have different meanings. For instance, a product with a Private Label Rights license means you can edit the product and make it all your own. Master Resell Rights means you can sell that product without changing it and keep 100% of the profit.

If you want to use the product for personal, educational purposes and not edit it, you can get products with a Personal Rights License. You should always read the terms of each given license to understand what the terms entail.

The main disadvantage of this platform is the disruptions due to ads. However, you can try it, especially when you are starting without a budget for content creation.


7. FreePlrDownloads

You can download and use free PLR Products from this website as it’s one of the PLR websites offering free PLR products.  To access and download the products from this website is straightforward and fast.


There are many different kinds of products, including eBooks, articles, and videos, software, among others. The platform provides more than 1800 free PLR products, and all the products are 100% free.

All the products on this website come with a PLR license that includes Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights licenses.

Also, you don’t need to sign up to access and download the PLR products from this website. Therefore, you can visit the site and find out if you will find something relevant to your specific business needs.



PLRPLR is a free PLR platform that offers you as many free PLR articles as possible.

If you are looking for free PLR articles to offer your customers, or if you’re a marketer looking for some free products to include in your affiliate marketing campaigns, then you can find everything you need on this platform.


Currently, the site offers 100,000 free articles, and you can use them whichever way you want since the articles have a PLR license which is the least restrictive. You can read about the terms of the license on the website.

Importantly, you don’t have to download the articles to access them. By clicking on the click, you can read the full article and determine if it’s relevant to your specific needs.

The articles are in various niches. The number of words in an article can vary depending on the topic. But articles on the platform average around 400 to 600 words.

You can visit the site and browse the various categories of articles. To use the articles, run them through a plagiarism check and rewrite them to make them unique.



After reviewing various free PLR products websites, the PLR.me website is the best. The platform offers the best quality PLR products. The site offers a wide selection of PLR products, and the products only require slight edits to make them personalized before you use them.

Navigating the site is easy and fast since you only need to type in the search bar the specific product category, and you will get a list of them.

Notably, although the site does not offer free PLR products, you can click on this unique link for 10 instant free credits that you can use. Also, since you are a member of the platform, you get the 2 free credits monthly that you can use to get a few helpful products.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best PLR website to download PLR products, we recommend PLR.me.

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