7 Sites To Find Free Plr Ebooks 2023

Are you tired of finding high-quality PLR ebooks on the internet?

Don’t pay for PLR ebooks, when you can get them for free. There are many sites that offer PLR ebooks for free.

In this article, we’re going to go through a list of the best websites that offer free PLR ebooks.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about what a PLR ebook is and how you can use it to your advantage.

What Is a PLR E-Book?

A PLR ebook is an ebook that comes with Private Label Rights. This means that you can do almost anything you want with the ebook, including reselling it, modifying it, claiming full authorship, giving it away for free, using it on your blog, or repurposing it into other formats.

7 Sites To Download Free PLR Ebooks

If you have ever searched for PLR ebooks blindly without any prior information on where to find them, you know how hectic and time-consuming it is.

There are thousands of PLR websites, and you can spend hours and hours without finding any website where you can get free high-quality ebooks.

However, to save time, we have compiled a list of the top sites where you can find free PLR ebooks. The ebooks available on these sites are good quality; hence you can use them for educational purposes or for your business.

1. PLR.me

This platform provides high-quality ebooks that are professionally written. It’s one of the best PLR websites to visit for high-quality ebooks. The site is easy to navigate, and you will get the best user experience.

The platform currently has approximately 250+ PLR ebooks.


The ebooks cover topics in various niches, including business and marketing, savings, investing & real estate, self-improvement, dating & relationships, etc.

Notably, most ebooks on this platform come with a Private Label Rights license which is the least restrictive and popular.

The license permits you to rebrand and create your digital product from the original ebooks you have purchased. You can then sell the ebooks and keep 100% of the profit. Also, you can use the ebooks for yourself or distribute them however you want.

Although the number of pages in the PLR ebooks may vary, the average range is between 10 to 60 pages.

Some are longer than that, but it’s essential to consider the value of the information presented. You can check the ebook bundle description section to see the topics covered before purchasing the ebook bundle.

The ebooks are available in different formats, and you can use the one convenient for you. For instance, you can use the editable Docx format if you want to edit and customize the ebook for your specific use. Other formats include PDF, JPG, and PNG.

Importantly, although the site does not offer free ebooks, you get a special instant 10 free credits link, which you can use to buy any ebooks from the site.

Since most ebooks require between 5 to 10 credits, using the 10 free credits, you can download one or two high-quality PLR ebooks.


2. PLRDatabase

If you’re looking to save money, save time and make money simultaneously using ebooks, you can visit the PLRDatabase website for free and reasonably high-quality ebooks.


There are many ways you can use the ebooks you download from this platform. For instance, you can read PLR ebooks and use the knowledge to create your content.

Currently, the site has over 3,297 ebooks, and the ebooks are in different niches. You can get ebooks on health and beauty, business, marketing, affiliate marketing, psychology, and WordPress.

All ebooks in the PLRDatabase platform come with different licenses, including Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights License.

Importantly, the size of ebooks in this platform’s marketplace can vary, but the average ebook pages are between 10 to 15 pages. The ebooks have written text content and graphics, making them easy and interesting to read.

When you visit this platform, you can access various ebooks from their database of 1,573 different PLR products.

Also, downloading ebooks from this website is straightforward since you only need to open a free membership account.

With the free membership account, you can access and download an unlimited number of ebooks.



This is another great PLR platform where you can find helpful ebooks on various subjects that you can use for informational purposes, or you can monetize them by rebranding and selling them.


Idplr already offers different PLR licenses such as Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, and Giveaway Rights for its ebooks.

Similarly, you can use the ebooks as freebies or giveaways since they are easy to use, and they can be a great way to build your email list.

However, before using the ebook, you should review the terms of the specific license and use it within the limits of the given license to avoid legal issues.

Notably, the ebooks are available in many different niches for people to choose from. So far, there are over 6315 PLR ebooks.

If you’re interested in any of the ebooks, you can look through the ebook’s description provided before you download it.

Also, this website offers 141 free ebooks that you can use to generate quality content for your content marketing campaigns.

To fully access the various categories of free PLR ebooks on this platform, you need to create a free account.

On the downside, you can’t access and browse the site content before creating a free account.


4. BigProductStore

This is a great site you can visit if you look for PLR ebooks. The site provides lots of free PLR ebooks. So, if you’re looking for free ebooks to use in your business and website, this is a great site you can visit.


On this platform, you can get free ebooks with different licenses such as Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights License. You can use the ebooks for informational purposes or commercial purposes.

Importantly, you need first to check what the specific license means and use the ebooks within the given terms.

The PLR ebooks are on different topics and are categorized into different niches like health, real estate, weight loss, sports and fitness, travel, and more which makes the search process easy and fast.

The site currently has over 3200 PLR ebooks, and it does not provide a lot of free ebooks. However, you can get a few free PLR ebooks on their site. To access the 10+ free PLR ebooks from this site, you only need to sign up.

In case you are pleased with the free ebooks and you want to have unlimited access to more ebooks, you need to upgrade to their paid membership plan.

Notably, the website is easy to navigate, and you will easily find interesting ebooks you can download using the filter option.

Also, the ebooks come with a sales page; hence you don’t have to create one from scratch.

Therefore, if you are looking for ebooks you can use for personal use or business without spending much, then you can check out this site.


5. Resell Rights Weekly

This PLR platform can be one of your go-to platforms when searching for PLR ebooks and other products. The platform allows you to access numerous PLR products, including ebooks, that you can use in several ways, such as putting them on your site or selling them to other people.


The website offers its products with different licenses, including Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights License.

The Private Label Rights is one of the most popular licenses since it grants you the permission to edit the content and create your product with it to use for your own business.

Currently, the site has over 700 different products.

Usually, after you register on the platform, they send you a link that you should click on to access and download different types of PLR products and not ebooks only.

For instance, you will be able to access over 10 000 free PLR articles, which you can find helpful for creating your ebooks.

After perusing the ebooks, you can decide if you want to access more of their products.

To access their unlimited premium products, you need to subscribe to their $1 membership trial that allows you to have to access them for seven days. During this period, you can try as many ebooks as you wish until you have found the products you like.

After that period, you can decide if you want to keep your account or not.

The downside to this website is that they don’t provide enough information about their ebooks and other products. But, since you can only download all the products as a package, you can try it.


6. FreePlrDownloads

The platform is one of the best PLR websites you can visit when looking for PLR ebooks, especially if you are looking for free PLR ebooks. The platform offers reasonably great quality free ebooks you can use for business or information purposes.


Most of the PLR ebooks come with Private Label Rights License. The license permits you to edit, add to, or remove content from the ebook.

After a rebranding and repurposing the ebooks, you can use them on your website or blog or resell them and keep the 100% profit.

This PLR site offers plenty of free products, including over 1400 ebooks. On this website, you are always guaranteed to find free ebooks relevant to your specific niches.

Importantly, to ensure the content is unique, you should always perform a plagiarism check. Also, always customize the ebooks before using them on your website to ensure they are unique and meet your specific business standards.

Notably, on the downside, the site is not well designed; hence you may not have the best experience navigating through different ebooks. However, since the ebooks are free, you can still visit the platform.


7. Plrfreeonline

This PLR platform is another best PLR site for PLR ebooks. You can find beneficial free PLR ebooks that you can use for your personal or business needs.

Most of their PLR ebooks come with Private Label Rights License, Master Resell Rights, and Personal Usage Rights.


You can resell the ebooks, include them in your products, and publish them on your blogs and websites, depending on the permission of the specific license.

The platform has a massive collection of over 1000 ebooks that you can use for free. The ebooks cover a variety of subjects in different niches.

On the downside, the site has many ads which may disrupt you and make you not enjoy using the platform.

However, since the ebooks are available for free, you can still visit the site and search for ebooks from this website.

You may find the site helpful, especially if you are starting a business and don’t have a budget for content. Therefore, you can visit the site and find out if you can find helpful free ebooks. You don’t have to sign up to download the ebooks.



From the above review information on various websites for PLR ebooks, plr.ME platform stands out. It’s the leading provider of top-quality ebooks and other digital products.

If you are looking for content you can use for marketing or generate traffic; you will find the relevant ebooks you’re looking for on this website.

Importantly, although they don’t offer free ebooks, if you are looking for high-quality ebooks, plr.ME is the excellent PLR site you should visit. The PLR ebooks available on the site are of high quality and current.

The massive collection of ebooks and other resources are available at an affordable price compared to the cost you will incur when you outsource the content creation work to a freelancer. Importantly, you can use the special link to get instant 10 free credits.

Therefore, plr.ME is the best website to purchase your plr ebooks from. We highly recommend this site as the best site for downloading high-quality PLR ebooks.  The ebooks offered on this platform are well researched and cover the top popular subjects.

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