5 Best Websites To Find Free PLR Articles 2023

Are youa blogger or a digital marketer looking for PLR articles to use on your website? Are you looking for information on the best websites where you can easily access and download already written PLR articles for your website or business marketing purposes?You can use the information in this blog. We will look at the best websites with PLR articles that you can use as you see fit.

Usually, articles are an essential element in various content marketing strategies. However, it’s time-consuming and costly to write the content using the conventional way. You have to spend hours writing the content, or you have to outsource the work to freelancers, which is expensive.

But byusing PLR articles from PLR sites, you save time and the cost of creating content. Importantly, you need to customize and rebrand the already written PLR content to make it more valuable and fit your specific business or marketing needs.

What are PLR Articles?

PLRarticles are pieces of writing by someone else, and you are given the rights to edit and distribute the articles as your own work.You can publish the PLR articles on your blog or resell them after rebranding and modifying them.

Today, there are tons of websites offering free articles, but most sites provide PLR articles with questionable quality.

The articles are poorly written, and they are of no use unless you spend more time rewriting them to make them useful.

Notably, some PLR sites provide high-quality PLR articles. You only need to know a few of the best PLR websites offering high-quality articles. They include PLR.me, Resell Rights Weekly, FreePLRDownload, and much more, as you will find below.

1. PLR.me

PLR.me is the best platform to download PLR articles.. Compared to all other websites in this post, PLR.me is the best and we highly recommend it. The platform provides other high-quality PLR products too apart from PLR articles.


The platform offers articles with Private Label Rights license that allows you to rebrand and resale the content as your own and keep 100% profits for yourself, repurpose into other formats, and use them in an unlimited number projects.

However, you cannot transfer the product’s resale rights, master resale rights, and private label rights to the buyer.

To ensure you use the PLR articles from the PLR.me platform within legal permissions, always read the license terms.

Notably, the PLR.me website has a massive collection of 5,579 articles in various niches, including:

  • Natural health & safety
  • Career & job
  • Self-improvement
  • Parenting & family
  • Weight loss & fitness
  • Dating & relationships
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem & self-care
  • And more

You only need to sign up, explore various content materials and identify the one you are interested in.

Although PLR.me doesn’t offer free PLR articles, by using this special coupon, you can get instant 10 free credits that you can use with any PLR package.

Since most of the articles sold from PLR.me have a price of 1 credit, you can get 10 free high-quality PLR articles for the instant 10 free credits.

You will be able to download the PLR articles within minutes.

With thousands of researched and professionally written articles by English natives, you can find valuable content you can use in your blog or website. The site is an excellent place for all your PLR article needs.


2. Resell Rights Weekly

This platform has made it to the list of the best site for downloading PLR articles because it’s free to use and articles available are relatively good considering you don’t have to pay to use them .


The site has 10, 749 free PLR articles that you can explore and modify. To access the articles, you only need to sign up, and the process is 100% free and straightforward.

After registering with the Resell Rights Weekly website, you can download the PLR articles plus other PLR products by clicking on the link they email you. You can peruse the downloaded articles and select the suitable ones that you can repurpose for your business needs.

The articles are on health, marketing, yoga, meditation, real estate, and many more.

Importantly, all articles are free to download, and you can edit or modify and distribute the articles within the limits of the specific PLR license conditions. Also, you can use the rebranded articles for your business marketing purposes. The choice is yours.

The biggest fault of this site is that the products you see on site are outdated and may not be helpful to you. Also, they don’t provide any information on their product which makes it challenging to determine if you should download the product or not.

However, with plenty of free resources on this site, you can still download the articles and use them to get started with affiliate marketing and general information on different topics.


3. FreePLRDownload

FreePLRDownload is a top PLR website too where you can find fairly quality PLR articles.

All articles available on this platform have a Private Label Rights license. The license allows you to use the article as you wish freely. You can resell, give away as a bonus, edit and publish them in your blog or use them for personal use.


In the platform, there are over 250 PLR article bundles, all free and with a private label rights license. Each bundle has several related articles, and the number of the articles is attached at the bottom of the pack description page. You will mostly get 5-10 articles inside each bundle.

Importantly, you don’t need to sign up to download the free PLR articles from their site. You only need to visit the site, get instant access to the PLR articles, read the bundle descriptions and download it if it contains relevant articles.

On the downside, the PLR site does not offer the best user experience. The site does not provide detailed information about the individual articles contained in the bundle; hence you can’t tell whether they are relevant or not. However, you can still visit and see whether you’ll find anything helpful.


4. KillerPLRArticles

This PLR platform is another reasonably excellent resource for anyone intending to save time and money on content creation. You can find quality articles that are well-written and easy to edit.


Importantly, the articles are absolutely free; hence the platform can be a great option for people looking for opportunities to save money on content creation.

You can browse and read the article to establish whether it’s relevant to your business needs before you sign up to download it. The signing up process is straightforward; hence if you are satisfied with the article’s quality, you can sign up to download it.

After you sign up and verify your account, you will likely find articles relevant to your niche from the list of 157,897 articles from various niches such as health, marketing, personal development, weight loss, and yoga, among others.

The site has over 200 article categories to choose from. The database is updated from time to time; hence you are guaranteed to get fresh content.

You can use the articles for your blog, create newsletters for building option lists, or for learning purposes.



PLRPLR is another decent  PLR article site. It’s a valuable site for users looking for free and somewhat high-quality PLR content.


You can find articles on any topic you want from their database of over 100,000 PLR articles. Most articles are between 400 and 500 words, while some are below 400 words.

The PLR articles on this site have a Private Label Rights license which is the least restrictive allowing you to use the articles whichever way you see fit.

Notably, all the articles on this site are free, and users don’t have to register to begin using articles from the website. You can easily identify the article category you are interested in by typing the keyword in the search bar.

Final Words

From the above reviews, if you’re looking for the best website to download PLR articles, PLR.me is the best platform. When compared with other PLR sites, PLR.me tops. The platform is an excellent place for people looking for PLR articles for their business or even personal website.

Mainly, there are many benefits of using PLR articles from the PLR.me website. You can access high-quality articles that are well researched and written, and they are easy to edit. The articles are written by experienced writers and require only minor edits before you use them.

Although the website does not offer absolutely free PLR articles, you can use the instant 10 free credits to access a few high-quality articles. With the 10 instant free credits, you can access up to 10 free articles. Lastly, visit the platform for all your PLR article needs.

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