What is The Difference Between PLR, RR and MRR?

Do you wish to earn money by selling PLR products to your audience?

But are you confused between the licensing rights of PLR products and not sure which one to choose and which to avoid?

Selling or editing these PLR products without reading the licensing rights properly may lead to legal or copyright-related issues.

In this article, I will clear all your queries and confusion regarding the differences between the three types of licensing rights, i.e., PLR, RR, and MRR, and how to use them.

What is PLR License?

A PLR (Private label rights) is a license wherein the author or owner sells most of the intellectual property rights of a product.

It can be used for a variety of digital products such as software, eBooks, articles, graphics, templates, music, videos, among others.

PLR licenses may differ with different authors or sellers as they have no legal definition and are completely defined by the owner of the private label content.

In simple terms, I can say that what you can and cannot do with a PLR product will be defined by its original creator.

In most of cases, buyers can re-brand a PLR product under their own name and brand and re-sell them. In some cases, they can also sell the same rights that they have acquired during their purchase.

Different Types of PLR Licenses

There are three types of licensing rights associated with PLR products, including:

  • PLR – Private Label Rights
  • RR – Resale Rights
  • MRR – Master Resale Rights

Now let’s understand each PLR license in detail. Knowing the difference between each license will help you determine how to sell or market your products without infringing any copyright laws.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

PLR is the most common among the three license types and is considered the king of all the available licenses. Let’s see what you can do and what you can’t with a PLR license.

What can you do with PLR?

PLR allows you to:

  • Re-brand the product
  • Change or edit the content/product in any way you want
  • Sell the product with RR and MRR

What you can’t do with PLR?

  • You are not allowed to claim your copyright on the product as it is available to other buyers as well.

Note: Some of the PLR products are more restricted in nature, so it is crucial to read the license carefully before using the product.

Resale Rights (RR)

RR is a type of license that is the most restrictive among all the other licenses. Products labeled under RR could be sold to others to generate profits with some restrictions. Let’s see what you can do with RR licensed products:

What can you do with RR?

RR allows you to:

  • Resell the products as it is with personal use or read-only rights

What you can’t do with RR?

  • You are not allowed to sell any rights to your buyers, which means they can’t sell it further
  • You are not allowed to make any changes in the product

Master Resale Rights (MRR)

MRR licensed products are similar to RR with an added advantage of giving resell rights to the end-user, which makes it better than RR. Let’s see what you can and can’t do with MRR.

What can you do with MRR?

MRR allows you to:

  • Pass on the reseller rights

What you can’t do with MRR?

  • You are not allowed to resell the PLR
  • You can’t sell editable files


I believe the most important thing is to know what you are buying before actually making a purchase. Knowing the difference between PLR, RR, and MRR will help you in making the right decision with respect to buying your PLR products. I would also recommend reading the license rights carefully before using them as product owners may have their specific terms of how to use their products.

Hope now you are completely aware of all the three licensing rights, including what you can do and what you cannot with each type of license. If you still have any queries related to PLR licenses, feel free to ask your question in the comments, and I would be happy to clear all your doubts.

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