7 Best PLR Membership Sites 2023 | For Ebook, Article & Planner

Are you confused about how to select the best PLR membership site to buy PLR products online?

As there are plenty of PLR sites available claiming to provide the highest quality products, not much are worth your money.

In this article, I will discuss the key selection factors to consider while choosing a PLR site and also recommend some of the best PLR websites you can start with.

What Is PLR Product?

PLR stands for “Private Label Rights“. Basically, PLR products are digital products that come with a license for you to use them under your own name or brand.

This could be things like articles, videos, software, eBooks, audio, and more.

If you have a PLR product, you can sell it for money and you’ll have full authority to use the product as you see fit.

Most of these products are ready to use but some might require a bit of tweaking – which can save you a lot of time and effort that you would’ve otherwise spent creating content from scratch.

PLR stores and PLR membership sites are the two main types of PLR websites available on the internet.

What is PLR Membership Sites?

A PLR membership site offers its members exclusive access to a wide range of products that they can use for their own personal or business needs. These products are usually digital products such as eBooks, videos, and software.

In order to have access to all of the products, you’ll have to pay a monthly or annual fee.

These products are typically digital products that members can download and use for their own purposes.

Here are some benefits of joining a PLR membership site:

  •  Access to a large library of PLR content
  • Unlimited downloads of PLR products
  • No need to pay for every product
  • No obligation to continue the membership, you can cancel anytime!
  • Get various reseller licensing options so you can use according to your needs.

5 Steps to Finding the Best PLR Membership Sites

Not all PLR membership sites are created equal. In order to get the best results, you need to carefully consider what each site has to offer and how it can benefit your business.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best PLR Membership websites:

Step 1:

The first thing you should look for when you’re on the hunt for a PLR website is to see what types of niches are available.

Why is this important? Because you want to make sure the website has products related to the niche you’re interested in.

Step 2:

It’s important to check what types of products are available. Some sites only offer ebooks, while others offer a wide variety of products including ebooks, articles, graphics, templates, etc.

By knowing what types of products are available, you can choose the site that best meets your needs.

Step 3:

It’s important to check what type of license is offered. Some sites only offer personal use rights, while others offer resell rights or private label rights.

Private label rights is the best option, as it allows you to use the products according to your needs.

Step 4:

Do they offer a trial option before you go for the membership plan: This is a great way to test out the products and see if the membership site is a good fit for you before you commit to it.

When looking for a PLR membership site, be sure to check and see if they offer any bonuses such as free products or discounts on other products.

Step 5:

Be sure to compare the price of a PLR membership site against other platforms to ensure you’re getting a good deal. You don’t want to overpay, especially if you’re paying for a monthly or annual membership.

When you‘re looking for a PLR membership site, keep these things in mind. By taking the time to find a site that meets your needs, you‘ll be able to get the most out of your membership and maximize the benefits for your business.

Top 7 PLR Membership Sites 2023

Now that you are aware of the selection criteria, it’s time to browse a few, which justify the above-mentioned selection criteria.

Here I have picked some of the best PLR Sites in which you can try to make money online.

1. PLR.me

PLR.me is one of the best membership sites for PLR products. The platform was introduced in 2008 and since then, has helped countless businesses with high-quality content.


All the products on PLR.me are written, edited, and designed by experts from the US and Canada. This ensure that you get only the best content for your business. So if you’re looking for top-notch PLR products, PLR.me is the platform for you.

Available Categories

PLR.me gives you a massive collection of more than 14386 PLR products under different categories. Some of the key PLR product categories are listed below:

  • Courses
  • eBooks
  • Articles
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Coaching programs
  • Affirmation Reflections
  • Wallpapers and many more.

These products are listed in 68 different niches, which give you more variety and options.


Pricing plans of PLR.me are available in five categories:

  • Pay-as-you-go Plan – $22
  • 100 Monthly Plan – $99 per month
  • 400 Annual Plan – $379 per month
  • 800 Annual Plan – $579 per month
  • 2500 Annual Plan – $990 per month


  • More than 14301 PLR products are listed on the platform
  • Option to avoid membership purchase in case of low requirement
  • Simple UI and smooth navigation with advanced search options
  • 85+ new products are added every month on the website
  • Access to 12 marketing tools with the premium membership
  • Active customer support


  • The pricing plan works on a credit-based system
  • The majority of the products lies in health and wealth niches



IDPLR is one of the largest and oldest PLR membership sites which was founded in 2008. It has a huge collection of more than 12590 PLR products and is being used by more than 76,000 members currently.


It offers a lot of value in the form of bonuses such as free hosting with 10 GB space, 200,000 PLR articles, free training on how to use PLR products effectively.

Available Categories

IDPLR has a huge list of PLR products available across various categories including:

  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Templates
  • Software
  • Graphics
  • Music

These products are available in various niches, including business, health, lifestyle, technology, self-help.

The products are listed under different licensing rights such as resell rights, master resells rights, private label rights, giveaway rights, and personal rights.


IDPLR provides both free and premium membership plans. The Gold membership plan is divided into three categories:

  • 3 Months Plan – $39
  • 1 Year Plan – $69
  • Lifetime Plan – $89


  • More than 12590 products to choose from
  • Allows to preview the product before downloading
  • Free web hosting with 10 GB space
  • Option to add your own products
  • Comes with 60 days money-back guarantee
  • No recurring billing after your membership period ends


  • Longer processing time for customer queries


3. Bigproductstore

Bigproductstore has been providing excellent PLR products since 2012. It is a store that offers copious resell rights including PLR rights, master resells rights, giveaways and you can use the content for your personal use too.


You just have to own the membership and you will get too much under your access. There are countless products available on Bigproductstore.

It has copious types of products such as Business Video Quote, Travel Tibet Template, different kinds of ebooks, software, etc.

Bigproductstore has almost all kinds of PLR products including audios, videos, software in every slot.

The categories of products available on the Bigproductstore are:

  • Templates
  • ebooks
  • Software
  • Graphics
  • Articles

These products are available for almost all rights including Reseller Rights, Master Resell Rights, Giveaway rights, personal rights, Private Label Rights, etc.

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Access- $19.90
  • Monthly Ultimate – 29.90
  • Lifetime Access- $98.50
  • Lifetime Ultimate – 198.50


  • There are 10,000+ PLR products to choose
  • You just have to own the membership and you will get too much under your access.
  • There are countless products available here.
  • Not only this, but it also allows you to download every product available in the store.
  • You will also get access to all the products that will arrive in the future.
  • The price of membership is quite affordable.


  •  You would have to take care after you get the membership of products that are under resell rights, master resells rights, or giveaways.

4. Resell Rights Weekly

Resell Rights Weekly is a resell rights membership website that gives you access to download PLR products for both reselling and personal use.

Resell Rights Weekly

It offers a wide range of PLR articles, eBooks, software, etc. which allows you to choose as and according to your niche.

The products listed on the platform are up to date and are regularly updated frequently.

Available Categories

Resell Rights Weekly has several PLR products listed under different categories. Some of the main categories are listed below:

  • Articles
  • Software
  • eBooks
  • Audio Files
  • Videos
  • Reports
  • Scripts

These products are available with PLR (Private Label Rights) and RR (Resale Rights).


Resell Rights Weekly offers a free and Gold membership plan. The gold membership would cost you $19.95 per month. You can try the Gold membership for seven days in just $1.


  • Offers more than 728 PLR products to download completely free
  • Access to 330+ software and tools including image editing software, office suite application, and FTP software for free
  • RRW membership forum for member interaction
  • The gold membership plan is comparatively cheaper
  • Access to the massive knowledge base of FAQs


  • The website look is from the 90s and lack professionalism
  • Customer support is based on the ticketing system 


5. Master PLR

MasterPLR is a renowned PLR membership website which is provided high-quality, unique, personally crafted PLR articles to its members across the world since its inception in 2007.


The PLR products cover a wide range of health and personal development topics such as mind power, anti-aging, medicinal herbs, antioxidants, natural skincare, natural and teenage stress,  successful habits, etc.

Available Categories

MasterPLR offers high-quality PLR products in various categories such as –

  • Articles
  • eBook
  • Social Posters
  • Infographics
  • Reports
  • eCovers

All the PLR Products listed on the membership site fall under private label rights, which means you cannot sell the products with PLR, RR, MRR rights.

But, with the PLR, you can edit the products, use it to build your list, use the products as giveaways, use it on your website, social media, and other such places.


MasterPLR offers two different pricing plans, which include –

  • Monthly Plan – $14 per month
  • Annual Plan – $137 per month


  • The articles present on the website are of top quality with respect to the uniqueness
  • Topics are chosen carefully considering the current demand in the market
  • Provides two PLR products packs for free – Health PLR pack and Self-help PLR pack


  • All the PLR articles fall only into two categories – health and personal development
  • Articles are not in-depth

6. Plrdatabase

Plrdatabase will be the best option for you as it is another store for products including various types of license and resell rights.


They have a smarter and not harder kind of policy. It is one of the biggest databases and if you want to sell your products, you will not have to pay any extra fee to Plrdatabase.

The popular PLR products of Plrdatabase include Marketing Products, Affiliate Marketing Products, Business Products, WordPress Products, and Psychology Products.

There are various categories available on Plrdatabase. The list of all PLR products are:

  • Free ebooks
  • PLR articles
  • Software
  • Word Press Plugins
  • Videos

The products are available with PLR and MRR packages all in one location.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Access- $10/m
  • Monthly Access- $10
  • 3-month Access- $25
  • Yearly Access- $49

There are not any other extra fees after taking access to any plan.


  • Plrdatabase has 26,143 licensed products for you after you get the membership.
  • It has a huge collection of free products too. You can access your free products and Plrdatabase will not ask for payment details.
  • You will have unlimited access to these free products that will update themselves after every month.
  • They currently have 1,566 products free.
  • Releases brand new products after every month for its in-house members.


  • There are no free samples available for testing.


7. PlrPlanners

Plrplanners is the one with the best PLR printable memberships. They have top low content PLR suppliers. It is known for low content circulating businesses. to have a vast variety of PLR products.


Brand new products here include Quilt Block Pattern Paper Maker, Graphics Emporium- Spring and Spring Bundle, Digital Kids Activity Planner, MRR- Pregnancy and Baby Planner, etc.

The kinds of categories available on Plrplanners includes:

  • Planners
  • Journals
  • Printables
  • Activity Books
  • Stickers
  • Coloring Books
  • Digital Planners
  • PLR calendars
  • PLR Workbooks
  • PLR Journal Prompts and Templates

Pricing Plans

  • Weekly membership – $147.00
  • Simple Templates and PLR calendars- $7.00
  • Annual Membership- $249

VIP Membership:

  • Stand-Alone PLR products- $2976
  • Monthly Membership – $120
  • Overall VIP Membership- $4376

The VIP Membership is for a limited time. So, jump on Plrplanners to get access to VIP membership.


  • PLR products, especially PLR printables and PLR journals are available in many kinds of slots and you earn a lot of money by selling these products.
  • There are mass-produced templates and great quality PLR planners on which you can add your name or you can sell them.
  • There are beautiful journals available so that you do not have to worry about working hard to make your journal colorful.


  • You can’t expect to solve your problem overnight if you find one in any of their journals or printables.


These are some of the best PLR sites which you can use to quickly find ideal products in your niche to sell and earn money online.

Let us know below which ones you would love to try. Also, if you have doubts related to any PLR site, you can ask your question below.

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  2. This information is so helpful I am new and didn’t know which site is legit. So from now I will go with plrproducts first just to see if my ebooks and paperback books will sell once I rebrand them. And then I will setup a membership somewhere else.


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